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Kindly read 'Application Details and Selection Procedure' before proceeding with the registration.

Online Research Internship
Notification for July 2024

Updated On: 26 June 2024

Internship Profile: Product Development Engineer (CAE Engineer)


  1. Long Term Internship  (Option 1): 2 months (Online) (22 July 2024 to 13 September 2024)

  2. Short Term Internship  (Option 2): 1 month (Online) (22 July 2024 to 16 August 2024)

Eligibility: B.E./B.Tech/M.E./M.Tech/Ph.D (pursuing/completed - all branches, mainly Mechanical, Automobile and Aeronautics Engineering)

Shortlist Result: 1-2 working days

Application Details & Selection Procedure

Work Type:

Work from home | Monday to Friday (1-2 hours) | Flexible Timing

Research Project:

  1. Subsonic Aircraft Internship (Option 1)(click here to see all the updates)
    Feature on Wing Flap to Enhance Aerodynamic Efficiency

  2. Electric Vehicles Internship (Option 2)(click here to see all the updates)
    Battery Thermal Management System (BTMS) using Nanofluids for Electric Vehicles


Internship Vacancy:

20 Interns

Hardware and Software Requirement:

  • Operating System: Windows 10

  • Software: ANSYS Student Version (already installed)

  • Internet Connection for file download and upload

ANSYS Module used in Research:

  • ANSYS Workbench Fluent

Selection Process:


Registration Form A

  • Fill out the 'Registration Form A' located at the top of this page and upload your resume. There is no fee for this form.

  • 'Registration Form A' is common for all research projects and internship durations (short-term and long-term).

  • Shortlisting of resumes typically takes 1-2 working days.

  • Selection is based on academic performance and extracurricular activities mentioned in your resume.

  • If selected, you will receive a partial confirmation email with a link to 'Registration Form B'.

Registration Form B

  • 'Registration Form B' includes a link for 'Identity Verification and Registration Fee' protected by the 'CODE Verification System' (click here to learn more).

  • The registration fee for 'Registration Form B' is Rs. 2000 (excluding taxes), which must be paid within 5 working days from the receipt of the partial confirmation email.

  • Submitting 'Registration Form B' confirms your final enrollment in the internship.

  • You can enroll in multiple research projects simultaneously. For example, if selected and received 'Registration Form B', you can fill both the 'Subsonic Aircraft Internship' and 'Electric Vehicle Internship'.

Note for 'Registration Form B' fee

  • We are an 'Open and Independent' Research and Development center, powered by a passionate community of individuals who drive our endeavors forward. In order to sustain this vibrant space, a registration fee is required, supporting our collective pursuit of groundbreaking projects. Rest assured, the internship itself is completely free, with only the Registration Form B fee as the sole cost.

  • For further details, please refer to our terms and conditions on our dedicated page at

After submitting 'Registration Form B'

  • You will be granted access to cloud storage where you can find all the relevant data associated with the internship.

  • Additionally, you will receive an analysis prototype, accompanied by detailed installation and setup manuals.

Work Description:

  • As an intern, you will have access to an analysis prototype, complete with installation and setup manuals to guide you through the process.

  • Your daily tasks will involve testing the prototype and collaborating with the team to analyze the results.

  • To ensure efficient management, all data and attendance will be maintained online using ZOHO Workspace and ZOHO People.

  • During your internship, you will receive technical support from our team via phone or email, available between 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

​Basic Benefits of Internship:

  1. Certificate of Internship (Free) (click to see sample certificate)

  2. Interns will work on LIVE research projects of Simulation Lab ®

  3. Letter of recommendation

Advance Benefits of Internship:

#1 ANSYS Premium Courses (+10 ANSYS Advance Courses) (Free access with the internship) ANSYS Premium Course List:

  1. 2-Way Fluid-Structure Interaction Analysis of an Aircraft Wing (CFD+Structural)

  2. Structural Analysis of Simply Supported Composite Panel with Transient Loading (Structural)

  3. Bolted Satellite Structure Analysis in ANSYS Mechanical (Structural)

  4. Sloshing Analysis of a Partially filled Tank (2D CFD) (CFD)

  5. Fatigue Analysis of a Aircraft Fuselage Structure (Structural)

  6. Vibrational Analysis of a Payload Structure (Structural)

  7. Explicit Dynamics - Crash Analysis on a Space Shuttle (Structural)

  8. Eigenvalue Buckling Analysis of a Fuselage Skin with Stringers (Structural)

  9. Thermo-Structural Analysis of a Combustion Chamber Casing (Structural+Thermal)

  10. Acoustic Analysis on an Aircraft Wing under Vibrating Conditions (CFD+Structural)

#2 ​Industrial Research 'Video + Course' (Lifetime Free access with the internship) (Advance simulation using different CAE software)

  1. Research 1: Detached Eddy Simulation (DES) of Supersonic Combustion Process of a Cavity Based Scramjet Combustor ​(Software: ANSYS Workbench)

  2. Research 2: CFD Analysis on a Hybrid Formula Style Car; Half Car Analysis Configuration ​(Software: Star CCM+)

  3. Research 3: Air Flow and Heat Transfer Inside Wind Turbine Nacelle (Software: OpenFOAM)

  4. Research 4: Side Crash Analysis of a Car using Hypermesh & Radios (Software: Hypermesh & Radios)

#3 Access to 'Let's Share' - Research Platform (Lifetime Free access with the internship)

  1. All new way to interact, share, discuss your own idea with +400 research interns

  2. Browse, learn, download +500 research articles and projects

#4 Access to 'ANSYS Resources' (Lifetime Free access with the internship)

  1. ANSYS Official Video (99 Videos) (Open-Access | Lifetime Free)

  2. ANSYS Course on CFD Analysis, Structural Analysis and Thermal Analysis (170 Videos) (Open-Access | Lifetime Free)

Contact Us:

  • If you require any information or have any queries, please click here.

  • For the Terms and Conditions regarding the 'Online Research Internship,' please click here.

  • Is the working time flexible?
    Our work schedule offers flexibility in terms of when you can work, allowing you to choose between morning or evening shifts. However, the duration of work is fixed at 1-2 hours per day. We operate around the clock, accommodating researchers from different time zones and countries, so you have the freedom to select your preferred working hours and make adjustments as needed to suit your schedule.
  • I lack knowledge of ANSYS. Can I still apply for the internship?
    Absolutely! Our internship program includes a dedicated research and technical team that will provide guidance and support throughout your internship. It is our responsibility to enhance your skills in research and development, as well as in the software ANSYS, enabling you to conduct research effectively. At the moment, having a strong foundation in your academic knowledge is sufficient, and we will help you develop expertise in ANSYS as part of the internship experience.
  • What are the benefits of this internship for Mechanical Engineers?
    This internship offers numerous advantages specifically tailored for Mechanical Engineers. Participants will have the opportunity to engage in a live research project conducted at Simulation Lab®, gaining hands-on experience in simulation. Additionally, they will receive exclusive access to a range of resources, including ANSYS Premium Courses and over 10 ANSYS Advanced Courses, which will enhance their proficiency in using ANSYS software. The internship also provides access to Industrial Research videos and courses, focusing on advanced simulation techniques using various CAE software such as ANSYS Workbench, Star CCM+, OpenFOAM, Hypermesh, and Radios. Furthermore, participants can explore and download over 500 research articles and projects through the 'Let's Share' Research Platform. Finally, ANSYS Resources, consisting of over 170 videos on CFD Analysis, Structural Analysis, and Thermal Analysis, are also available for open access. For more detailed information on the basic and advanced benefits of the internship, please visit the following link: [](
  • Could you explain the difference between 'Short Term' and 'Long Term' Internship?
    The internship program offers two options: 'Short Term Internship' and 'Long Term Internship'. The 'Short Term Internship' has a duration of one month, providing a focused and intensive learning experience within a condensed timeframe. On the other hand, the 'Long Term Internship' extends over a period of two months, allowing for a more comprehensive and in-depth exploration of the subject matter. Both options provide valuable opportunities for skill development and practical experience, with the choice of duration depending on the individual's preferences and availability.
  • I have commitments during weekdays. Is it possible for me to work on Saturday and Sunday instead?
    If you are a working professional and have prior commitments during weekdays, you can discuss this with your team leader or supervisor. In certain cases, it may be possible to shift or rearrange your weekday tasks to accommodate working on Saturday and Sunday instead. Open communication with your team leader will help determine if such arrangements can be made, taking into consideration the needs of the project and the availability of resources.
  • Is it possible to take leave during the internship?
    If you are a working professional and need to take leave during the internship, you can communicate with your team leader regarding the possibility of shifting or arranging your weekday tasks to be completed on Saturdays and Sundays. By discussing your situation with your team leader, you can explore potential solutions and find a suitable arrangement that accommodates your leave while ensuring the timely completion of your work. It is important to maintain open lines of communication with your team leader to effectively manage your schedule and make any necessary adjustments.
  • Is it possible to take leave for exams during the internship?
    If you have exams or academic commitments, you can apply for academic leave for a maximum of 10 days. However, it's important to note that the duration of the internship itself will not be extended, and you will be expected to complete any pending work within the original timeframe. While you can request time off for exams, it is essential to plan and manage your workload effectively to ensure the successful completion of your internship tasks within the given duration.
  • Can I join even if I haven't completed my B.E./B. Tech. yet?
    Absolutely! We welcome individuals who are in the process of completing their B.E./B. Tech. degree to join our team. We believe in providing opportunities for aspiring professionals to gain practical experience and contribute to our projects. By joining us, you will have the chance to enhance your skills, learn from experienced professionals, and apply your knowledge in a real-world setting. We value the enthusiasm and potential of students who are still pursuing their degrees and encourage them to become part of our team.
  • I have a B.E./B. Tech. degree in a different engineering stream and not from a core research field. Can I still join?
    Absolutely! Our internship program welcomes individuals from diverse engineering backgrounds, including mechanical, aeronautical, cryogenics, and material science. While the internship focuses on research and development in the field of computational fluid dynamics (CFD), we value the unique perspectives and skills that individuals from various engineering streams bring to the table. If you have an interest in R&D, specifically in the area of CFD, we encourage you to apply for the internship. It is a great opportunity to expand your knowledge, gain hands-on experience, and contribute to cutting-edge research in the field.
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