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Legal and Ethical Conduct

Our company's primary objective is to disseminate the theoretical knowledge pertaining to the utilization and analysis of simulation software, strictly adhering to legal and licensed versions. As such, we neither supply, provide, trade, nor sell any illegal copies of software. The simulation software employed is either open-source software available to the public or falls within the research domain, or they are licensed copies provided by partner companies and sponsored organizations. It is important to note that, except for our company's logo, all other software components are not owned by our company and do not endorse any competitive analysis strategies. They can be downloaded and utilized freely. Any ownership rights pertaining to the parent software companies will be respected, and we will operate in accordance with their policies.


It is worth mentioning that ANSYS Research Licenses are utilized strictly for not-for-profit in-house research purposes. The research conducted within the scope of the 'Online Research Internship' falls outside the purview of ANSYS Research Licenses.

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