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Subsonic Aircraft Research
Synopsis of research from September 2020 to present

Research Title : Feature on Wing Flap to Enhance Aerodynamic Efficiency

Product Concept R03 is a revolutionary wing flap feature that enhances aerodynamic efficiency and has the potential to improve the performance of aircrafts. Developed by an exceptional Core Research Team, this product has a provisional patent and application number 202021047472.


The twin-flap system that constitutes Product Concept R03 is designed to have two symmetric flaps with individual dominance. The angle enhancement of the flap increases the efficiency in a sine-wave fashion with continuous increase in wavelength. The efficiency with different experimental angles keeps on shifting the optimum point and an unexpected low-pressure region is observed over some specific area of the wing.


The behaviour of the twin-flap system is dependent on the volumetric expansion of the feature and high efficiency also induced fluctuation in efficiency over local velocity ranges. The control-and-optimized volumetric expansion of the feature can merge fluctuation and constant region resulting in a single stable-and-high efficiency region. Currently, 3:2 is the most suitable ratio for the enhancement of the feature considering the aerodynamicity.


The enhanced feature is attached to the flap of the wing and is demonstrated as a major geometrical parameter which alters the overall performance of the wing. The insufficient aerodynamicity of the feature not only affects the performance of the wing but also decreases its stability. Additionally, the twin-flap system with an enhanced feature has a significant effect on efficiency and the efficiency is the function of twin-flaps and the enhanced feature.


The effect of enhanced feature is clearly visible and 3:2 (not to be swapped with direction) still remains the most suitable ratio for the enhancement of the feature considering the aerodynamicity. The study of the dual flaps helps in better understanding the effect of operational conditions.


A mathematical model has been developed to predict the contribution of inter-dependent variables. The twin-flaps show independent contribution in parabolic form in accordance with the change in efficiency. The enhanced performance of each of the flap with the addition of feature is clearly visible for a wide range of testing.


Independent study of twin-flaps with feature shows that the peak performance of the flaps is the function of feature design and occurs at different angles of operation. The contribution of alpha flap increases when moved from lower to higher AOA and the contribution of beta flap increases with the increment of AOA.


Even though the performance stability of alpha flap is less than the beta flap, the alpha flap has a higher contribution in increasing the overall efficiency as compared to beta flap. Feature enhancement ratio 3:2 still remains the most versatile ratio and also outperforms the rest of the ratio even in the condition where the contribution of flaps gets reduced.


Product Concept R03 is a revolutionary product that has the potential to change the game in the aeronautics industry. It is a breakthrough technology that increases efficiency and maintains aggregate. The Core Research Team has done an exceptional job in developing this product, and it has the potential to revolutionize the industry.

Subsonic Aircraft Research
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